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SMA Technology AG's Sunny Boy Grid tie inverters are best in class additions to any Grid tied PV setup. With easy installation, maintenance, high quality manufacture and legendary efficiency, the Sunny Boy 3.8-US is an easy choice to make for your grid tie PV setup's inverter.


General Features:

  • Includes SMA ShadeFix optimization to ensure your PV is delivering the most power it can in most conditions, including partial to medium shade.
  • Five year factory warranty backed up by SMA Technology's experienced support staff.
  • Efficient construction ensures that your Sunny Boy is providing more power, lasting longer and lowering its environmental impact, all while saving more over time compared to comparable inverter options.
  • Superior safety and reliability compared to other grid tie inverter solutions, achieved by using fewer parts more effectively.
  • SMA SmartConnect technology provides efficient repairs and replacement parts, saving money and keeping your PV online for more time compared to competitors.

The SMA Technology Sunny Boy 3.8 3800W grid tie inverter is one of the ultimate options for any grid tied PV system in need of an inverter solution. A Grid tie inverter converts the DC output of your PV panels to usable AC power. A Sunny Boy will keep your PV installation running longer, making higher power output and with lower environmental impact compared to other solutions. SMA ShadeFix and SMA SmartConnect are included with the Sunny Boy 3.8.


SMA ShadeFix technology works to keep your Solar installation working longer and more efficiently, providing more energy over the long term. Through this technology, the Sunny Boy is safer, better for the environment and more cost effective compared to other grid tie PV inverters.


SMA SmartConnect ensures that your Sunny Boy will be repaired in less time and for lower cost, to keep your PV system running longer. SMA SmartConnect monitors your Sunny Boy around the clock, and will email the operator and the installer of the PV system, reducing troubleshooting time, downtime and truck roll costs. Even if your Sunny Boy is in need of a replacement part, SMA will inform the PV installer and operator and provide a replacement within 1-3 days of of the fault diagnosis, speeding repairs and reducing downtime.

The Sunny Boy 3.8 3800W grid tie inverter is also compatible with SMA Technology's SunSpec shutdown device, making your PV installation NEC 2017 690.12 compliant and safer with a simple plug and play solution. The SMA Technology Sunny Boy 3.8 3800W grid tie inverter is a perfect choice for any home or small business PV installation.



  • UL 1741 standard certified

  • UL 1699B standard certified

  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-1 Canadian standard certified

  • ANSI/UL 1998 standard certified

  • Complies to FCC part 15 regulations

  • Canadian ICES-003 compliant

  • NEC 2017 690.12 compliant when supplied with SMA's SunSpec shutdown device


    Technical Specifications:

     Input specifications (DC power)

    • Max. PV power: 6144 Wp

    • Max. DC voltage: 600 V

    • Rated MPP voltage range: 195 - 480 V

    • MPPT operating voltage range: 100 – 550 V

    • Min. DC voltage / start voltage: 100 V / 125 V

    • Max. operating input current per MPPT: 10 A

    • Max. short circuit current per MPPT: 18 A

    • Number of MPPT tracker / string per MPPT tracker: 2/1


    Output specifications (AC power)

    • AC nominal power: 3330W at 208V / 3840W at 240V

    • Max. AC apparent power: 3330 VA at 208V  3840 VA at 240V

    • Nominal voltage / adjustable: 208V, adjustable and 240V, adjustable (both standard)

    • AC voltage range: 183 – 229 V or 211 – 264 V

    • AC grid frequency: 60Hz / 50Hz

    • Max. output current: 16.0A for both 208V and 240V

    • Power factor (cos φ) / harmonics: 1 / < 4 %

    • Output phases / line connections: 1/2



    • Max. efficiency: 97.3 % at 208V and 97.6 % at 240V

    • CEC efficiency: 96.5 % at 208V and 240V


    Protection devices and data

    • DC disconnect device / DC reverse polarity protection: Standard Feature

    • Ground fault monitoring / Grid monitoring: Standard Feature

    • AC short circuit protection: Standard Feature

    • All-pole sensitive residual current monitoring unit (RCMU): Standard Feature

    • Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI): Standard Feature

    • Protection class / overvoltage category: I / IV


    General data

    • Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm (in): 535 x 730 x 198 (21.1" x 28.5" x 7.8")

    • Packaging dimensions (W / H / D) in mm (in): 600 x 800 x 300 (23.6" x 31.5" x 11.8")

    • Weight / packaging weight: 26 kg (57 lb) / 30 kg (66 lb)

    • Temperature range: operating / non-operating: –25°C  to +60°C (-13F to +140F) / –40°C to +60°C (-40F to +140F)

    • Environmental protection rating: NEMA 3R

    • Noise emission (typical): 39dB(A)

    • Internal power consumption at night: <5 W

    • Topology / cooling concept: transformerless / convection



    • Ethernet ports: 2

    • Secure Power Supply: Standard feature ( Standard power supply not compatible with SunSpec shutdown device)

    • Display (2 x 16 characters): Standard feature

    • 2.4 GHz WLAN / External WLAN antenna: 2.4GHz WLAN standard / External WLAN antenna optional, sold separately

    • ShadeFix technology for string level optimization: Standard feature

    • Cellular (4G / 3G) / Revenue Grade Meter: Optional, Standard feature for SBX.X.1TP-US-41 models

    • Warranty: 10 years in USA, Canada and Mexico.

    SMA Sunny Boy 3.8-US 3800 Inverter

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